Cavalier King Charles Spaniels

Our grandson Phoenix and Berlin at 6 weeks

Todays photo-the 'old' Dream and the 'young' London

Sept.11 Puppies have gone to their new homes except for London she stayed here-to entertain and harass her mom. London will be starting Puppy classes and Paris will also be going back to school.

Aug.26-Yesterday the puppies were tattooed. They have also been changed to eating hard dry food and had their final deworming this week.

Aug 11-Finally got some help to update puppy photos-Thanks Jaime!! Sorry we are a bit late this week.

Aug 1-Puppies are having a visit to the cottage. We had a mini photo session with them at 4 weeks. I am hoping I can upload them from here. They are now eating 4 meals a day plus their mom visits a lot. Soon we will start adding soaked kibble. Most weigh 2 1/2 to 3 pounds now.

July 25-Lots new photos this week-3 weeks now. The weaning will begin soon-all babies are over 2 pounds.

July 24-new photos at 20 days as a group on the Puppy page.

NEW photos updated at  2 week of age. All eyes are now open and they are beginning to gurgle and make noises as their ears are open now too. A few are trying out their legs and attempting to walk a step or two.

New puppy photos at 1 week of age-click on link above



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